Understanding GP Practice Staff Roles

Your #GeneralPracticeTeam is made up of a range of healthcare professionals who work at your practice and in the wider community to help you get the right care when you need it.

Depending on your needs, you may be seen by a wider general practice team member.

But who are they?
Healthwatch Warrington Advice and information: GP Practices Who works there?

Your general practice team is here to help you. there are more healthcare professionals who work alongside GPs at your local general practice.  Depending on your needs, you may be seen by a wider general practice team member. Having a range of professionals at your general practice means you receive the most appropriate care as quickly as possible.

Below is a list of professionals available for you to talk to at your GP Practice who may be able to assist you with your health concern. 

(Please note: Not all of these are available at all GP practices, but you may be offered an appointment with one of those who are at your practice) 

Your General Practice team are here to help you

Reception Team 

Reception staff are part of the  General Practice Team. They can help by:• getting you an appointment with the right clinician as quickly as possible

• identifying services you can access with a GP referral

• making appointments for new kinds of care or services

Clinical Pharmacist 

They can help by:

• reviewing your medicines

• agreeing and making changes to your prescriptions

• advising about medicines and possible side effects

Pharmacy Technician

They can help you by:

• showing you how to use your medicines

• supporting Clinical Pharmacists to review your existing medication

• advising you on your lifestyle choices.


They can help you by:

• assessing and treating certain health conditions

• attending home visits

• ordering tests and interpreting results.


They can help by:• diagnosing and treating muscular and joint conditions

• advising on how to manage your condition

• referring you on to specialist services

Mental Health Therapists and Practitioner

They can help by:

• carrying out assessments

• provide advice and support to manage your condition

• supporting you

Physician Associate 

They can help by:• diagnosing and treating certain health conditions

• arranging tests and analysing results

• performing physical examinations

Occupational Therapist

They can help by:

• providing rehabilitation for you to stay well at home

• empowering you to make improvements in your day-to-day life

• supporting you to take control of your health and wellbeing


They can help by:• diagnosing and treating nutritional conditions

• helping you to make changes to prevent and support long-term conditions

• supporting you to maintain a healthy weight

Social Prescribing Link Worker

They can help you by:

• supporting you to manage your health and wellbeing

• giving you time to focus on what matters to you

• helping you to access support services and activities

Health and Wellbeing Coach

They can help by:• providing coaching support to help you manage your condition

• working with you to identify your health and wellbeing goals

• signposting you to helpful resources and groups

Care Coordinator

. They can help by:

• preparing you for upcoming conversations about your health and care

• monitoring your needs and responding to any changes

• supporting you to understand and manage your care

Healthcare Assistant

They can help by:

• monitoring your blood pressure and taking blood samples

• providing healthy living advice, such as stopping smoking and weight loss

• tending to dressings and stitch removal


They can help by:• providing vaccinations and injections

• supporting you with long-term conditions

• providing family planning and sexual health advice