Health Review in Burtonwood

The NHS in Warrington is working with Health Integration Partners (HIP) and local partners to launch a thorough review of health services in Burtonwood.
Health Review to Launch in Burtonwood

NHS Cheshire and Merseyside’s (Warrington Place) review aims to assess access to health services in area and the potential impact of the services being spread across Warrington and St Helens.

The review, which is being supported by local partners, will involve speaking to Burtonwood residents about their experiences of using health services as well as professionals in acute and community providers and voluntary sector organisations.

The findings will be used to consider how services can be improved, ensuring residents have access to high quality health services when they need them.

The reviews aims to:

•    Understand the current provision of healthcare in Burtonwood, including the differences compared to neighbouring wards •    Define issues facing residents in Burtonwood, including differences compared to neighbouring wards •    Identify where change is needed and make recommendations about how to improve local services that deliver a vision for the future provision of health services in Burtonwood

Carl Marsh, NHS Cheshire and Merseyside’s Place Director for Warrington, said: “We want to make sure that residents have access to high quality health services wherever they live in Warrington.


“Through this independent review into Burtonwood’s health services, we’ll gain a thorough understanding and insight into local experiences and barriers in accessing health services in the area. I would like to encourage all residents to share their feedback.”


Councillor Cathy Mitchell, said: “Access to services and appointments by the residents of Burtonwood has been an issue for some time. This review aims to improve health services in the village.


I would therefore encourage all Burtonwood residents to have their say. We want to work with the NHS to ensure that all Warrington residents have equal access to appropriate health services so that they can access the right support at the right time.”

Dr Riaz Jetha, Director at Health Integration Partners (HIP) and GP, said: “We have been asked to undertake a review of healthcare services in Burtonwood, reflecting our experience of working with communities and primary care across the country.


“Working with the local NHS team, we want to make recommendations that truly reflect the needs of Burtonwood’s residents and are looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your views. Please do look out for our team and our communications over the next couple of months.”